We are an adult (21+) guild on Stormrage-Horde.  Many of us have been raiding together since Wrath, starting out on Greymane and moving to Stormrage a few years ago.  We value our friendships and enjoy raiding together in a friendly team atmosphere where we respect one another and expect everyone to strive to do their best.
 We are always on the lookout for like minded, capable players to join us; even if you don't see your class listed, don't hesitate to ask if we may have a spot for you.  Not quite geared up yet? We run mythic +s nightly and have an alt run on Monday nights.

Our goal is to provide a congenial atmosphere where the guild works together as a team for our benefit; both casual players and raiders contributing for the common good.  We are a mix of male and female players.  If this sounds like the guild for you, contact any member online, or add Tails#1421 or Jackelsrule#1396 to your friends list and we can chat!

Our Alliance sister guild is Lost on Vindicaar.  Our members can home their Alliance toons in this guild.

Raid Nights : Fri & Sat, 8-11 pm Eastern
           Monday, 7:30-10:30 pm Eastern, alt night,
Raid Leader:Twiicedead and Voodootails

Progression: Emerald Nightmare - 6/7 M, 7/7 H,
7/7 N
          Trial of Valor - 2/3M, 3/3 H, 3/3 N
          The Nighthold  3/10 M, 10/10 H, 10 /10 N
          Tomb of Sargeras 9/9H,  9/9N
          Antorus, the Burning Throne 11/11H,  11/11N
  Contact Tails#1421 or Jackelsrule#1396 for more information about any openings we may have, or feel free to fill out an application.